Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Apps that should not speak on an Angolan's cell phone

Apps that should not speak on an Angolan's cell phone
Apps that should not speak on an Angolan's cell phone

Enjoy in this matter the top of the apps that can not be missing on your android, we bring a vast list of important apps developed by young Angolans with the aim of bringing more comfort in the daily activities of the population.

This is content Originally written by Joxfiles, without further ado let's go to our top of popular apps in angola.

1. Multicaixa Express

Multicaixa express is a digital channel that allows you to manage your bank account through a mobile device, the app supports all multicash network cards and the app was developed by EMIS SA, you can find this app on the Play Store and App Store available for download for free.

2 - Jobartes Emprego

In the second position we have Jobartis jobs, one of the most popular apps for job advertisements in the Angolan community, where you must register, and activate notifications so that they inform you when there is a job vacancy near your region, the app is also available in the APP Store for free download.

3 - Tupuca

Tupuca is the largest home delivery network in Angola, it offers its APP in which customers can use to request their services, including only paying for the order as soon as you have the product in your hand, then run to the play store to download this app for free.

4 - Kinguila Hoje

Kinguila today is an app dedicated to keeping the Angolan population informed about the daily exchange rate, informing the user how the exchange rate is found in commercial stalls, on the streets and in bank branches, this app is available for direct download on the Play Store.

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