Monday, June 8, 2020

Google Chrome is the most used browser in 2020

Google Chrome is the most used browser in 2020
Google Chrome is the most used browser in 2020
New research shows that Google Chrome is leading the browser market in the year 2020. The Google browser is one of the most popular, it is at the top of preferences for the fifth consecutive month this year.

Data from the company Net Applications reveal that Chrome has a 69.8% market share. One of the reasons for the growth of Chrome in recent months has been the growing wave of Internet Explorer users, who are leaving the old Microsoft browser and looking for alternatives - the Google browser being one of the main ones choices.

Since it was launched in 2008, the Google Chrome browser has given headaches to other competitors in the market, which continues to gain more and more fans. And that continues to work in 2020, as the latest report confirmed that Google's browser is still the most used, with an incredible 69.8% market share.

Internet Explorer held a 70% share in 2008, as famous and used as Google's browser today. If Google Chrome manages to surpass the 70% mark, it will be the third browser to reach the percentage of usage in the entire history of the internet.

Although Chrome is the preference of users, still the new Edge from Microsoft has been gaining ground in the market to a considerable extent. In recent months, Edge has managed to captivate a large market share, currently having 10.3% share, surpassing Firefox which currently has 7.2%.

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